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Calling the Ancestors

TACOMA, WA (June 19, 2024): Photographers Kenya Shakoor and Kalvin “Wovoka” Satiacum are pleased to announce “Calling the Ancestors” (October 2024), a multidisciplinary exhibition they are co-curating that explores Afro-Indigenous Futurism.

Speaking to the intention behind the exhibition, Kenya remarked, “In 2019, I curated and exhibited my photography for the first time. This year marks the five-year anniversary of Dreaming in Black, and five is a sacred number to me, so I feel called to curate again, this time alongside another photographer whom I deeply admire.”


Grounded in possibilities, generations of ancestral knowledge, and their ancestors' divine embodiment of freedom despite colonization, Kenya and Kalvin are excited to create a sacred space to highlight Afro-Indigenous intelligence with original photo works accompanied by live music.

The artists are currently seeking a venue for the exhibition for October 2024. They are also seeking corporate sponsors and individual donors, to ensure the work can be free to the public while allowing them to pay themselves a living wage. To support their efforts with space and other resources, email Kenya at

Astral Art Ceremony:
Honoring  Ancestor, Allies and Art

We invite you to step out of the this world, and join us on a trip through the cosmos, and experience art, technology, spirituality in whole new way. 

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