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Soc 120 Mod 3 Reflection

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I knew I wanted to understand women more by taking this class. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Going this this section really made me glade I was taking class. I been trying to understand what intersectionality means to different people for the last couple years. It’s been interesting to go through this in the classroom. For me I was told the X is where the people of color come together.

For myself look to Medicine Wheel. I try to not look at from just north american indigenous perspective, but look towards African spiritual diaspora. Papa Legba is know as the Guardian of the Crossroad. . In greek mythology. Hecate is seen as something similar to Papa Legba, they share similar symbology and realms they command. Then looking at things in pop culture lend themselves to this idea are the phrase and arm motion of “Wakanda for Forever!” DMX becomes important symbol with his special blend of spirituality, and songs like “X Gonna Give it to ya” Bone Thugs n Harmony E. 1999/ Crossroad. I have large interest in music symbology and history of things.

I find the idea really fascinating that people of color go to actual crossroad, or intersection to make and offering in order to overcome and obstacle. This has been really skewed in colonization. Blues music and Plantation Hoodoo is the original american version of Satanic Panic. Many tales in music history and culture of guitarist going to the crossroads to sell their soul to the devil. This is a gross extreme dramatization of the enslaved and those with linked history to it. The devil doesn’t exists in Plantation Hoodoo, but the Crossroads are significant especially to Papa Legba. Making an offering at the crossroads is common. I feel like I can talk forever about this. I have Papa Legba’s veve tattooed on my hand. They are kind of like a sigil.

Something else that stood out to me was the important telling your story, or the story of people. Biracial and mixed race have really unique story and background and struggles and identities.

My check in for the day. I feeling better day by day, but I need to continue to work on developing long term healthy routines. I skipped breakfast, had pizza for lunch. . . Idk what I’m going to do for dinner, probably make a sandwich.

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