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This necklace has blue and black glass beads and black painted bones. I called this one after midnight for its color, and for our fishermen, the risked of their lives to go out and fish at night. This is during the fishing warriors when my tribe was struggling to regain the ability to go fishing, without being harassed by the police or the state or dominant society in general a lot of my grandpa‘s and uncles were little we’re little babies that were in our canoes and in our boats in often times these harassers from dominant society would shoot at us and so our struggle to fish and clean and healthy water continues today with the LNG facility recently built on the port of Tacoma. So this necklace is also a representation of our Bowie lion from our fishing nuts the line that would pull the nut up to the water stretch. The nut out would be staying on top of the water so you know I find these necklaces to be really important as if we’re keeping our own heads above water.

After Midnight Fishermen Necklace

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