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Tracy Chapman

Singer Songwriter Guitarist

Tracy Chapman's music holds a significant place in the world of music for several reasons. Firstly, her lyrics tackle pressing social and political issues, such as poverty, oppression, and inequality, that still hold relevance today. Her music gives a voice to the marginalized communities and sheds light on issues that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. Secondly, her unique blend of folk, blues, and soul creates a sound that is both distinct and memorable, influencing numerous musicians over the years. Her cultural impact has been significant, with her music resonating with listeners from all walks of life and serving as a source of comfort and inspiration for many. Lastly, Tracy Chapman is known for her activism and for using her music to make a difference in the world. Her music often serves as a form of protest, encouraging listeners to get involved in political and social activism. In conclusion, Tracy Chapman's music is important due to its impact on popular culture, its relevance to contemporary issues, and its ability to inspire activism and change.


This is a very important performace of Tracy at Nelson Mandela 70th Tribute Concert from 1988


Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (Nelson Mandela 70th Tribute Concert, Live 1988)
Download MP4 • 155.09MB


Tracy Chapman
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