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31 Daze of New Year Haze

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reading this if you find your way here. I'm one year in on this new journey. While I miss her. We have different paths to walk. I quit my job at the Tribe, and was let go from Tahoma Indian Center. I have hard time managing my depression. I let it affect my work and personal life too much. Now what?

Currently enrolled back at TCC. The history of indigenous people and white people education is long and troubled. Thats why stopped going to school in the past. Beside going working on my small boutique, I don't know what else to do. I don't have a social life. I don't really have any hobbies. I feel like most of the time I'm just trying to process trauma. Usually that's in for the form of depression.

Here I find myself not depressed, and actually feeling pretty good. And thus I am here. =)

Thank you.

What can I say?

How many credits do I have?

I currently have 41 from Tacoma Community College, and I believe that I have 5 from Craven Community College. With those 46 plus 5 from the classes I'm currently taking. Hopefully I can walk next Jun. If I could finish earlier, I might. I wouldn't mind pushing myself. My main focus is to try and make honors society. If I could finish at TCC with 4.0 I think it would be a major win for myself.

What have I been doing since school started? Sleep, network, student senate meeting, lashootseed class.

How is the school ten years later?

Vastly different, I keep getting surprised at how much more open and inclusive the school is.

Whats after TCC?

IDK, if I want to go into photography or maybe communications. I'm more interested in trying to add to the lexicon and history of Pacific Northwest History, and art. How can I add to my cultures art?

I guess the plan is still to save the World, but in a different way.

Where do I go from here?

I hope to stay up on school, and balance life with business. I would like to find someone to write about health and beauty but through a BIPOC or Indigenous lens. I hope to write more and post more. I'm also working on a poetry book. I'm looking at add more resources to this website. I really want to make this a cool place for people to hangout. Be on the look out for my "lookbook" / "moodboard," tab. I would like this to be more a place to keep up with me, and my puppy dog family, with resources for traditional and current knowledge and trends.

I do have more inventory than is posted so if you're interested please contact me for custom made necklaces.

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