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Late Spring Early Summer 2024

Hey Everyone thanks for tunning its been a very long time for those that are use to my more normal update. Honestly its winter was increadly difficult for me. I steped down as Student President at TCC citing I wanted to focus on being the studen I know I can be. I was not easy dealing what people wanted from me while trying to maintain my own mental health.

Graduation is a few days away and I dont know what I'm going to do for the rest of the summer. I started doing deliveries for this app called Roadie, its been working out but it costs money to make money. Its never been easy to for me to manage my money.

Doing these deliveries feels like a video game. Some days are easier than others. Sometimes it can take a few hours being I can get my first gig for the day.

Other days, I'm busy all day.

I have a special announcement to make but I shouldn't say too much yet.

Well, I guess I have a few announcements to make, ya.

I think at most I can is that I might be getting a small short government contract.

. . that I was recently asked to co-collaborate with cool local artist

. . next . the photobook I been working on has finished and I'm just waiting on the cover art and test print to come in. Preorders go up soon.

I would like to turn some of articles and post into zine so keep on the lookout for those.

also merch. . . i have a few idea of kinds of things i would like to offer but im not sure yet.

its kind of scary to get into.

its a lot of stuff going on and i have to pay the school and i have to pay off the Nissan leaf . . I'm barely making it . . . and summer is here but life is still difficult. idk i guess its like sometimes i can ever escape my trauma . . .

as i have gotten deeper in to photography i got deeper into gatekeeping. . . and also met new artist on higher levels that want to cocreate. . . not everyone is a asshole out there. Im happy for the new friends i met and get to work with . . . .

final thought, im working with other to start art collective that about giving backing and holding space community creatives . .

parting words of advice currate currate, currate. . be mindful and thoughts and decision, look for common themes, and elements that can build on top of each other . . . and ,.if no one told you today

I LOVE YOU . . . .

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