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Slow, but in a good way

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

If you find yourself here thank you for reading. I was fast to start with putting up the site. I realized, I need better pictures for my listing. This has slowed me down as my space is small, and I have three pups that keep my busy trying to keep up with the house. Right now most of my inventory is on Etsy. I been try to get my space clean and adequate for proper photo shoot for listings. I was also busy with trying to plan a fashion show at my job. With that passed, I should have more time to work for myself again.

I also been dealing with depression. While I know I should clean up some times I just want to lay in bed and go to sleep, or cuddle the three pups I care for. Or that care for me. I don't want to pass along any illness, or sickness. If I'm feeling down usually don't make or create anything, as I don't want to pass along my feeling in my work.

If you like what I have to offer then please check back often for updates, with the shop, life and adventures. . .

Please bear lol with us as build ourselves and the shop up. . . .

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