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I seems to be letting a lot of people down . . . It sucks to feel isolated. Bruno ran off this evening. Bowser seems unhappy. The foster mom is upset. Coworkers , instructors and staff all just drama . . . I don't have time to just be a student. When i do it feels like i have some executive disfunction type disorder. Im just not in the mind frame of doing it as there's too much other stress going on. Sometimes i wonder if im just unemployable. I haven't logged hour for my job in weeks. I dont know if it matters much. Anthropology give me anxiety. I dont know what to do about it. I need to spend more time with my pups im it feels like im losing them. Bruno never use to run out at night. It seems so unfair to have at home alone all the time. I havent got to play fetch with my poor bowser in awhile. Theres not enough hours in the day for everything. Im only one person. But im excepted to do the job of three people. . . .i feel umemplyable. I cant keep my shit together even when i try. Stress anxiety drespression neurodivergent I get to go to school tomorrow and go to work and pretend like everything is okay. Even if I didn't have shitty coworkers, I would still be dealing with a lot. I lost my last job because of my depression.

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