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MidSummer RoadTrip

Home from taking a spiritual bath out at cannon beach oregon. My body feels better but my head is still cloudy and confused. I think it's after affects from my recent bout with Rona virus. I was coughing last weekend, but not really sick. The subtle sickness feel is gone, but caugh is still here, things taste weird and my head is foggy. I'm sore and exhausted.

After years and years I finally realized that exwaifu complains too much for me to understand if she's having a good time.

When I ask her if we can focus on saying nice things and being positive, . . .

She feels like she can't say anything.

When I get deep in my depression one thing I try to do is focus on gratitude and saying, and doing positive things . . . I'm sure she had fun, but you can't tell bc she how she acts. It's difficult for me as a person trying to heal still have to.

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