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Let's Fly

What can be better than a swan dive into the asphalt? . . . . .

If I jumped off a bridge would you go with me?

Do you want to feel the wind in your hair?

Do you want to fly?

Would you hold my hand?

Would you let me drown?

Do you smile?

Do you frown?

Did I let you down.

You see me as a clown. I can tell by how you give me the run around.

Heart racing caution flag waving.




Rake up

Rake up

Rake up

Fake friends before the night begins.

Take them to the bin.

We are not the same.








Truth is I been dead for years. Down payment, plot, deep, cement cage, flowery top, watered with tears.

You can see the pain in my laugh.

Cry now, Cry later.

Ash smoke misbehave. . . .

Ring Ring on the other line I talk to people in heaven. They want me to join them. Save the Suffering. Let be real, I roll like a leaf and blaze the fire. Up in smoke and gone with the wind. This is my last sin.

Fill my brain with drama, cry out scripts, blow out bliss

God Hand w/rights my c/rhymes

End myself with this thing on my hip.

This is my last dance . . . vibe, or hide

Death knocks will you answer?

Death texts do you reply?

Confront or denied

slide deeper darker



Glues and hues keeps you on your knees. . . .

Power of words keep you on your knees . . ..

Pull the pin

Ready to end it all

Harness the truth and seek the light . ..

You can't see

You're blind

Left behind

No one left,

Your/e wrong

Not w/right

Keep walking until your/e out of sight.

Out of my

Out of mine

Out of mind

No one knows me

Everyone No's me

Don't need anyone

God keeps me on me knees

I'm a sinner my depression is my punishment.

I make my bed and blow my head off

Put myself to sleep.

Open casket dress nice

You don't recognize me.

When the last time you seen me?

When the last time you heard me?

When the last time you heard me?

When the last time you heard me? . . . . .

Hole in my heart

Bullet hole

Hot lead in head

microwaved brains smells like rotten fish

blood splatter

blood everywhere

blood everywhere

Crying blood

pissing blood

shitting blood

blood coming out my mouth

blood coming out of my mouth feel good.

warm blood tastes like iron

licking warm blood off the wall . . .

licking warm blood off her walls . . l

whales scream sirens sing

fish eggs period blood two knives one wife

no extra life no extra point

no redos

doo doo

doo doo

I wish you knew

I wish you knew

I wish you knew


Do you want to feel the wind in your hair?

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