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Moon Medicine (draft 1.0)

I’m going to try and explain what I’ve been calling Moon Wheel Theory, and will start calling Moon Medcine.

Moon medicine is.

So what I’ve noticed on my journey and path of life and hearing, watching, listening reading information about the medicine wheel. It generally comes from his perspective of giving and telling and guidance, but it doesn’t give you our opportunity to express yourself. I feel like the medicine wheel may be a very Male centric construct or a point of view. so I thought that there should be a medicine that listens. I don’t know, but I feel like the medicine wheel does not really allow you to pause and process your trauma. And part of the moon wheel theory that I have developed is to recognize the four tragedies of being an indigenous person which is the stolen land and the destruction of our food. The mental and emotional abuse are missing and murdered, indigenous women to spirit people, and the displacement of our people off our own land, and then the last direction represents the attack on our nervous and spiritual systems.

The sort of purpose of the moon wheel theory is to remind you and allow you to process this trauma to know that it goes in waves it all wax and wane like the moon. Sometimes it may be sometimes it may be strong, but it’s a chance for growth. The moon is there to remind you that you can even grow at night in the darkness. The moon is a really strong force on our planet. It affects our waves, and affects our crystals and affects everything that it shines upon.

So all of this is subject to change,

but I like

the direction to the east to be grey/white this represents the land. White represents the snow, the clouds, the milk of the land. I think it’s worth noting here the white flowers represent peace.

The direction to the south is blue,

Blue represents emotions, water, femininity. This represents our mental and emotional side. And the mental and emotional trauma that came with colonization.

The direction to the west is black

Black represents white our missing and murdered indigenous women two spirit, and  kidnapping, selling of our indigenous children.

The direction to the north is purple

Purple ribbons and indigenous community represents overdose awareness. So for me, this represents the attack on our nervous system under a spiritual system.

I don’t know if our nervous system is connected to our spiritual system, the same way, our mental and emotional more connected but I feel like our spirit needs to be represented in this wheel


So we’ve kind of identified the four different directions, the colors of the tragedies of the people so now so now what is the purpose of all this? The point of all of this is to know that it’s OK to feel how you feel I don’t want to promote toxic behavior or say that people shouldn’t get help. I believe people should get home I believe that everyone should find somebody to talk to it’s really important to talk your feelings out in. I just want people to know that these medicines are out there and you can go and talk to them and they will listen to you. You can talk to the Moon and you can talk to the stars you can talk to the water you can talk to the man you can talk to the plants. This medicine isn’t here to tell you how to live your life. This medicine is to listen to you and to be here for you in this moon medicine is always there 24 hours a day just because you can’t see it during the daytime does it mean that it’s not there so medicine is always there those plants are always there. They’re always listen to you anytime of day. I know your culture is there to listen to you you can talk to your culture you can participate in that. Let’s have a really hard time with modern society telling us that we need to fix our self now and if you’re not better right now, then you’re not doing it right. I don’t like that thinking. things take time. It takes time for the moon to go through its phases and takes time for the snow to build up on the mountain. Takes time for that snow to melt and come down the river. Just want to remind everybody that it’s OK to slow down and take your time not everything needs to happen right now. Try to enjoy the natural beauty while we still have it.

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