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Soc 120 Mod 4 Reflection

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Soc 120 Mod 4 Reflection

For my I have know about race not being real from different censes data since I was teenager. In that African Americans have forced to identify on paper as variety of category based on family linage. White has been a term used to give people land from European decent. Europeans in-fight and not all European people where historically accepted as white. Eastern and Western Indian have also subject to the same sorts of confusing government categorizing based on regional filters of their mind. Something that I wonder more about is the history of “Mexico,” its been bought sold traded pushed south, yet the people returned. Which is great. I just don’t understand where “Mexico,” and the indigenous of California started.

Intersex, I haven’t learn too much about intersex until the last few years. It was something that no one every explained to me in historical context. With more radical inclusion happening around its been great to understand people and myself in new and different ways.

Cardi B and Megan the Stallion. OMG. I think its a great song. I don’t understand why people get so mad about it. Meanwhile things like Nelly don’t get the criticism. I guess for myself we live in a world that sexualises women, but its has to be from a white male gaze. When women try to take control of the narrative they get harsh critics. I didn’t notice any negative feedback for people Juice Wrld talking about suicide. Also we live in a world of Playboy, and things of that nature, yet the female led salacious songs gets attention. A song for myself about this subject is Ying Yang Twins song Wait (The Whisper Song). This song is championed by men. I’m not sure I ever heard anyone say anything negative about the song. Youtube is probably filled with hundreds of hours of videos talking about Cardi B and WAP.

Word 320

Check in uuhh I cant seem to find focus. I think I let my work and my coworks affect me to much. I feel like I don’t ever have time to do anything. I feel like a dysfunctional human. I keep wondering if school is great place for me, both for work and education. I’m supposed to stop back by accesses serves to pickup the rest of services they offer, in terms of tech and other stuff. I haven't had the chance. I have not registered for classes next quarter. I think probably going to lose my financial aid. I feel indifferent about it. I don’t have the money to pay for it myself. I’m not sure what I am going to do. Its a lot to think about. I don’t really want to spend time about thinking about not being able to make the house payment.

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