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Hum 110 Post #12

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The Lee family has a incredible story of perseverance, and conviction. I find their strength in cultural values to be inspiring. Like many people coming into the western world the Lee family has to walk in two worlds. Their struggle of balancing tradition culture and the western world is a universal struggle of people of color around the world. The Lee family shown resilience and openness during a time of great need and peril. I the passage is

“This experience did nothing to shake their faith in traditional Hmong beliefs about the causes and cures of illness, but it did convince them that on some occasions Western doctors could be of additional help, and that it would do no harm to hedge their bets.”

The weeks assignment really resonates with myself. I am recently coming out of depressive episode. I have been listening to lectures about shamanism and the wounded healer. I find this weeks reading to be especially helpful and insightful to some of my recent curiosity.

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