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Soc 120 Final Project Proposal

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  1. What magazine, movie, show, song, or advertisement in order to investigate an aspect of pop culture and the way that women or are depicted/portrayed? I chose the song Kat McCanon by Colter Wall. Kate McCanon is the murderd by her lover, for sleeping with another man. I know its just a song, but I think its important to elevate female voices in the this instance. This is a video that combines Colter’s song with that of Brittan Avery’s song “My Name is Kate McConnon” I know its just a song but I think its important to give the fake dead women a voice of her own. Even it adds it own problems to the story. Colter Wall - Kate McCannon & Brittany Avery - My Name Is Kate McCannon

  2. Why did you choose this? This is a hugely popular song and I haven't heard anyone talk about the contents of the song. Everyone is too caught up in how the narrator sings.

  3. Why is this topic important? I believe understanding how violence against women world wide is a step towards peaceful world.

  4. How does this relate to the course? This is related to the course as

  5. What is the medium of this project? (Powerpoint with a VoiceOver, Prezi, YouTube, PanOpto, etc. (I suggest panopto)) I prefer the in class presentation but I’m not sure yet.

  6. How are women, men, or people of color represented? What attitudes about gender, race, ethnicity, age, ability, socio-economic class, and sexuality are implicit? Explicit? Women are the subject of horrible violence, and the perpetrator is told he didn’t do it. Its a rapist defense. The song is most likely about two white people. Ages is not clear, most likely a younger couple. The narrator references working in a coal mine, because of the work it is assumed that they are able body people. Sexuality is most likely assumed to be straight.

  7. What might be the consequences of these representations? Men of a certain class might be more likely to abuse women.

  8. What is your timeline? How will you budget your time? Please give dates for this question. I’m working on it

  9. List 3 scholarly, sociological, peer-reviewed articles in APA format (Course readings does not count, but they can be used in the final project) Hutson, C. K. (1996). “Whackety Whack, don’t talk back”: The glorification of violence against females and the subjugation of women in nineteenth-century Southern Folk Music. Journal of Women’s History, 8(3), 114–142.

Couto, L., Hust, S. J. T., Rodgers, K. B., Kang, S., & Li, J. (2022). A Content Analysis of Music Lyrics Exploring the Co-Occurrence of Violence, Sexual Content, and Degrading Terms Toward Women. Sexuality & Culture, 26(6), 1965–1980.

Strong, C., & Rush, E. (2018). Musical genius and/or nasty piece of work? Dealing with violence and sexual assault in accounts of popular music’s past. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 32(5), 569–580.

  1. List 3 other research resources (websites, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, etc.) (Course readings does not count, but they can be used in the final project)

I was hoping to find a few different youtube videos. I’m currently looking for things about the rapist defense. One about violence against women in music. Maybe the third can be about . . . how people get away with it. Something that comes to mind is like OJ Simpson. . . Its mind boggling for me to thing about.

I think the song speaks for itself. It doesn’t hold anything back, and its plan and simple jealous violence murder backed up with rapist defense. I think I mostly need time with material I found, and to continue to look for more.

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